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CRERC  - Working Papers

The Real Estate Research Centre regularly publishes research and conference papers to this webpage. 

Ref Research Title Authors
01/20 The Total Return and Risk to Residential Real Estate Piet Eichholtz, Matthijs Korevaar, Thies Lindenthal and Ronan Tallec

Local Beta: Have Location Risks Been Priced in REIT Returns?

Now Published - Read Here. 

Bing Zhu, Colin Lizieri

Machine Learning, Architectural Styles and Property Values

Now Published - Read Here. 

Thies Lindenthal, Eric B Johnson
04/20 Could Loss Aversion Retain on the Market? Evidence from the Hong Kong Property Market Christina Li and Wayne Wan
05/20 Diversification Potential in Real Estate Portfolios Bertrand Candelon, Franz Fuerst and Jean-Baptiste Hasse
06/20 Light at the end of the tunnel: The Impacts of expected major transport improvements on residential property prices  Helen Bao, Johan Larsson and Vivien Wong 


Ref Research Title Authors
01/19 500 Years of Urban Rents, Housing Quality and Affordability Piet Eichholtz, Matthijs Korevaar and Thies Lindenthal

Housing Wealth and Residential Energy Consumption in the UK

Now Published - Read Here. 

Helen Bao and Steven Li

Investor overconfidence and trading activity in the Asia Pacific REIT markets

Now Published - Read Here. 

Helen Bao and Steven Li

On the Strategic Timing of Sales by Real Estate Developers:  To Wait or Pre-sell?

Now Published - Read Here. 

Christina Li, Helen Bao and Prof K W Chau
05/19 Public Services, Real Estate Taxes and Fees, and Housing Prices in China:  A Study Based on Chinese-style Decentralisation Yanfen Huang, Chao Zhang, Helen Bao and Huayi Yu
06/19 Machine Learning, Building Vintage and Property Values Thies Lindenthal and Erik B Johnson

Reference Dependence, Loss Aversion and Residential Property Development Decisions

Now Published- Read Here. 

Helen Bao, Charlotte Chunming Meng and Jung Wu

Tearing down the information barrier:  the price impacts of energy efficiency ratings for buildings in the German rental market

Now a published paper - Read Here. 

Marcelo Cajias, Franz Fuerst and Sven Bienert
09/19 Policy Uncertainty and Real Estate Development in China Christina Li, Helen Bao, Enwei Zhu and Hongyu Liu
10/19 Urban land marketization in China:  a supply side analysis Christina Li, Helen Bao and Guy Robinson


Ref Research Title Authors

Behavioural Analysis of Housing Satisfaction with Relocations: Field Evidence from China

Now Published - Read Here. 

Jinhai Yan and Helen X H Bao

Increased Tail Dependence in Global Public Real Estate Markets

Now Published- Read Here. 

Yang Deng, Helen X H Bao and Pu Gong
03/18 Currency Risk Management for Investors in Asia Pacific Non-Listed Real Estate Funds Nick Mansley and Zilong Wang
04/18 Housing affordability:  Is new local supply the key? Bernard Fingleton, Franz Fuerst and Nikodem Szumilo


Ref Research Title Authors

Land Assembly in Amsterdam, 1832-2015

Now Published- Read Here. 

Thies Lindenthal, Piet Eichholtz and David Geltner

Income risk in energy efficient office buildings

Now Published- Read Here. 

Nikodem Szumilo and Franz Fuerst
03/17 The Dynamics of House Prices in Israel and the Effect of the Investor's Fear Gauge Dotan Weiner and Franz Fuerst

A Behavioral Interpretation of the NAV Discount Puzzle in Listed Real Estate Companies

Now Published - Read Here. 

Sally Monson, Helen Bao and Colin Lizieri


Ref Research Title Authors

Energy Performance Ratings and House Prices in Wales:  An Empirical Study

Now Published - Read Here. 

Franz Fuerst, Prof Pat McAllister, Dr Anumpam Nanda and Prof Pete Wyatt
02/16 A commercial real estate index for an emerging market:  The case of Beijing Franz Fuerst, Xuefeng Liu and Prof Colin Lizieri
03/16 Green Clientele Effects in the Housing Market Franz Fuerst, Elias Oikarinen and Oskari Harjunen

Monocentric Cyberspace:  The Primary Market for Internet Domain Names

Now Published - Read Here. 

Thies Lindenthal
05/16 Information Supply and Demand in Securitized Real Estate Markets Jan-Otto Jandl and Franz Fuerst
06/16 Conceptualising the role of personality traits in making investment decisions: The case of residential energy efficiency Ante Busic-Sontic and Franz Fuerst

Beauty in the Eye of the Home-Owner:  Aesthetic Zoning and Residential Property Values

Now Published - Read Here. 

Thies Lindenthal
08/16 Personality traits and energy efficiency in the UK residential market Ante Busic-Sontic,  Franz Fuerst, Natalia Czap
09/16 Are Energy Efficiency Ratings ignored in the German housing market? – evidence from a large-sample hedonic study Marcelo Cajias, Franz Fuerst and Sven Bienert







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