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Principle Investigator (PI):


Helen Bao is a Senior Lecturer in Real Estate Finance at the Department of Land Economy, and a Fellow in Economics at Newnham College, the University of Cambridge. She also oversees international exchange programmes in her capacity as the Director of International Relations in the Department. Helen teaches Quantitative Research Methods and its applications in land economy for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Prior joining Cambridge University Helen taught statistics and operation management courses at the School of Business, City University of Hong Kong.  She obtained her PhD degree from City University of Hong Kong. Helen’s research areas include behavioural sciences, real estate finance, corporate finance, housing economics, and land use policies. She has published extensively in top academic journals in her field, including Real Estate Economics, Land Use Policy, Habitat International, Cities, and Journal of Real Estate Research.



包晓辉(Helen Bao)博士,英国剑桥大学副教授、剑桥大学纽纳姆学院院士、博士生导师、土地经济学系国际关系部主任,获香港城市大学博士、英国剑桥大学硕士、东北财经大学学士。包晓辉博士在土地经济系主要讲授本科和博士课程计量研究方法及其在土地经济的应用。在加入剑桥大学之前,包晓辉博士于香港城市大学商学院讲授数据与运营管理课程。她的主要研究方向包括行为经济学、房地产金融、公司金融、住房经济学、土地与住房政策,并已在Land Use Policy,Cities,Habitat International等国际期刊发表论文30余篇。



Co-Investigator (CI):


Colin Lizieri is Grosvenor Professor of Real Estate Finance at the University of Cambridge, Head of the Department of Land Economy and a Fellow of Pembroke College. He is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Weimer Fellow of the Homer Hoyt Institute Colin has over thirty years’ experience in real estate research, consultancy and international expert witness work, advises international organisations, central banks, government, professional bodies and private firms and has published widely on real estate finance, urban development and office market dynamics. His book, Towers of Capital, examines the linkages between international capital flows, financial crises, and the office markets of major global cities. Colin’s academic work has been recognized in the International Real Estate Society’s Achievement Award for “for outstanding achievement in real estate research, education and practice at the international level” and, in 2014, the award of the David Ricardo medal by the American Real Estate Society, ‘the highest recognition by ARES of scholarly work in the real estate discipline’ in recognition of “innovative and extensive publications on real estate office markets and the role of capital in urban development”.. He chaired the World Economic Forum industry council on the Future of Real Estate and Urbanization and is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences, academic and professional.



科林·里奇利(Colin Lizieri)教授,英国剑桥大学格罗夫纳房地产金融教授、土地经济学系主任、彭布罗克学院研究员、英国皇家特许测量师协会成员、英国皇家亚洲研究协会成员,获英国伦敦政治经济学院博士、牛津大学学士。科林于2009年10月加入剑桥大学土地经济系。在此之前他是英国雷丁大学亨里商学院的房地产金融教授。他的研究兴趣主要集中于商业房地产市场建模、国际资本流动建模、房地产投资与金融创新。他的著作《资本的塔楼——写字楼市场与国际金融服务》(由威利·布莱克维尔出版社出版)分析了全球各大城市的写字楼市场的发展。科林是世界经济论坛-房地产与城市化行业前景委员会主席、欧洲公共房地产协会研究委员会主席。他为欧盟、挪威政府、英格兰银行、英国财政部以及众多公私部门的客户提供专家建议,并在英国上议院(土审处)与澳大利亚联邦法庭出任专家证人。2014年他获得大卫·里卡多奖章,是美国房地产协会为学术工作颁发的最高奖项。



Postdoctoral Fellow:


Christina Li is a Research Associate at the Department of Land Economy, the University of Cambridge. She obtained her PhD degree from the University of Hong Kong. Christina’s research areas include behavioural sciences, real estate economics, urban economics, and public policies. She has published in the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. She was the Director for the Student Chapter of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) at Chongqing University and the President for the student Chapter of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) at the University of Hong Kong.




李玲(Christina Li)博士,英国剑桥大学土地经济系博士后研究员,获香港大学博士、重庆大学学士。李玲博士的主要研究方向包括行为经济学、房地产经济、城市经济学、土地与住房政策。她曾任英国皇家特许建造学会重庆大学学生中心主任,国际建筑与营建研发联盟香港大学学生中心主席。



The submission deadline for MSt applications for the 2020 course has been extended to 15th June 2020

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The University of Cambridge (Department of Land Economy), the University of Florida (Bergstrom Real Estate Center), the University of Geneva (Geneva Finance Research Institute), and the National University of Singapore (Institute of Real Estate and Urban Studies and Department of Real Estate) announce a call for papers for their joint 2020 Real Estate Finance and Investment Symposium. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION 1st May 2020

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We would like to invite all of Land Economy Alumni to join us for a drinks reception and dinner in Queens’ College, Cambridge on 25 September 2020 to mark and celebrate 20th year anniversary of the MPhil Programmes. This event is a fantastic opportunity for Land Economy alumni not only to stay connected with each other and Department, but to meet the Cambridge University Land Economy Board members and associates of the Department, whilst welcoming our newest alumni into the global community. We are looking forward to see you there!

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Mst Graduates 2017 19

Well done to our 2017-19 cohort of the MSt in Real Estate who graduated at the Senate House on Saturday 30th November

A warm welcome to our new cohort of MSt in Real Estate students 2019

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