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Cambridge Real Estate Research Centre

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Research on real estate within the Centre and the department is broad ranging and international in scope. The Centre's current main areas of research activity relate to:

  • Analysis of real estate investment vehicles
  • The interaction of real asset and credit/capital markets
  • The role and performance of real assets in investment portfolios
  • Loan and mortgage finance
  • Sustainability and environmental performance
  • Urban development and interaction with real estate
  • Digital and machine learning technology and its use in real estate
  • Behavioural influences in finance

Current and recent research projects can be found in the Working Papers section.

PhD students currently associated with the Centre and their projects are:

  • Yana Akhytrs’Ka:  How can energy data analytics platforms affect small firms?  A study of a reduction in energy use in the service sector and its spillover effects
  • Thuqan AlHindawi:  Can BD/ML techniques enhance RE markets’ transparency by providing a more efficient/robust way to examine the risk/return profile of real estate as an asset class?
  • Flors Blok: Alpine land and climate change: A Ricardian Analysis
  • Mark Burke:  Emerging market GAP Housing: A comparative investigation of financing models for sustainable development in resource constrained environments
  • Maximilian Exler: Real Estate Investment Trusts in Bear Markets: To What Extent Drivers of Returns and Volatility Change in Times of High Uncertainty
  • Marco Felici: Empirical questions in Housing Markets and Policy
  • Kahshin Leow: Spatial dependencies and their effects on real estate funds
  • Haotong Li: Overconfidence and real estate investment
  • Anando Maitra: Corporate Bonds and Equities:  the cross-section of flows
  • Katharina Minkow: How does technological infrastructure impact on rents, sales prices, and occupancy rates of office buildings in the UK?
  • Yiwen Qiu:  Firm Locations, Industrial Structures, Regional Development Paths from a Dynamic Perspective: A case study in China
  • Saad Siddiqui: International asset pricing, housing and consumption
  • He Tang: Political Uncertainty in The Real Estate Industry
  • Xinwei Wan: Property Market Sentiment, Government Land Sales and NAV Discount in REITS Valuation
  • Jiabin Wei: Dynamic Prediction of the Real Estate Price Spatial Distribution in the Autonomous Vehicle Era with Hedonic Regression and Reinforcement Learning-aided Microsimulation Integrated Model — A Case Study of Shanghai







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