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CRERC - Publications 

All publications from the CRERC team from 2016 onwards. 

Ref Research Title Authors 
01/22 Building Retrofit Hurdle Rates and Risk Aversion in Energy Efficiency Investments Lai,Yuan; Papadopoulos,Sokratis; Fuerst,Franz; Pivo,Gary; Sagi,Jacob; Kontokosta,Constantine.E
02/22 Raising the Bar (19) Elhorst,Paul; Abreu,Maria; Amaral,Pedro; Bhattacharjee,Arnab; Bond-Smith,Steven; Chasco,Coro; Corrado,Luisa; Ditzen,Jan; Felsentein,Daniel; Furest,Franz; McCann,Philip; Monastiriotis,Vassilis; Quatraro,Francesco; Temursho,Umed and Yu,Jihai
03/22 Behavioural Land Use Policy Studies: Past, Present, and Future Bao,Helen X.H. and Robinson, Guy M.,
04/22 Behavioural Interventions for Micro-mobility Adoption: Low-hanging Fruits or Hard Nuts to Crack? Bao,Helen X.H. and Lim,Yi,
05/22 Tradable Parking Permits as a Transportation Demand Management Strategy: A Behavioural Investigation Bao,Helen X.H. and Ng,Joelle,
06/22 Improving Food Security through Entomophagy: Can Behavioural Interventions Influence Consumer Preference for Edible Insects?  Bao,Helen X.H. and Song,Y
07/22 Modelling sustainable rents for estimation of long-term or fundamental values of commercial real estate Crosby,Neil;, Devaney,Steven;, Lizieri,Colin; and Mansley,Nick;,
08/22 Wandering in the gray: The pricing of housing restricted by land use regulation in Beijing, China Li,Ling and Xia,Fangzhou
09/22 On the Strategic Timing of Sales by Real Estate Developers: To Wait or to Presell? Li,Ling; Bao,HelenX.H. and Chau,Kwong Wing

Local Beta: Has Local Real Estate Market Risk Been Priced in REIT Returns?

Zhu,Bing and Lizieri,Colin

Urban land valuation with bundled good and land residual assumptions

Clapp,J and Lindenthal,T


Ref Research Title Authors 
01/21 Pricing Climate Risk: Are Flooding and Sea Level Rise Capitalised in Australian Residential Property? Fuerst,Franz and Warren-Myers,Georgia
02/21 Do Specialist Funds Outperform? Evidence from European Non-Listed Real Estate Funds. Fuerst,Franz; Mansley,Nick and Wang,Zilong
03/21 Diversification Potential in Real Estate Portfolios. Candelon,Bertrand; Fuerst,Franz and Hasse,Jean-Baptiste
04/21 Reference Dependence in the UK Housing Market Bao,Helen X.H and Saunders, Rufus
05/21 Reference Dependence, Loss Aversion and Residential Property Development Decisions Bao,Helen X.H; Meng,Chunming and Wu,Jing
06/21 Light at the end of the tunnel: The impacts of expected major transport improvements on residential property prices Bao,Helen X.H; Larsson,Johan.P and Wong,Vivien
07/21 Off-farm employment and agricultural land use efficiency in China Zhao,Qianyu; Bao,Helen X.H and Zhang,Zhanlu
08/21 Connected Markets through Global Real Estate Investments Zhu,Bing and Lizieri,Colin
09/21 The Total Return and Risk to Residential Real Estate Eichholtz,Piet; Korevaar,Matthijs; Lindenthal,Thies and Tallec,Ronan
10/21 Are Estimates of Rapid Growth in Urban Land Values an Artifact of the Land Residual Model? Clapp,John.M; Cohen,Jeffrey.P and Lindenthal, Thies
11/21 Machine Learning, Architectural Styles and Property Values Lindenthal,Thies and Johnson,Erik.B
12/21 Long lease real estate – a revised role for real estate in pension fund portfolios Mansley,Nick and Wang,Zilong
13/21 Can Rainmakers justify their pay? The Role of Invesment Banks in REIT M&AS Zhang,Weiwei; Sun,Tiezhu; Han Lin Goh,Patrick; Wang,Zilong and Mansley,Nick
14/21 Getting the first job: Size and quality of ethnic enclaves and refugee labor market entry Klaesson,Johan and Oner,Ozge
15/21 Ethnic enclaves and self-employment among Middle Eastern immigrants in Sweden: ethnic capital or enclave size? Andersson,Martin; Larsson,Johan.P and Oner,Ozge 
16/21 The Effect of Expected Losses on the Hong Kong Property Market Li,Ling and Wan,Wayne.X
17/21 The Heightened ‘Security Zone’ Function of Gated Communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Changing Housing Market Dynamic: Evidence from Beijing, China Li,Ling; Wan,Wayne.X and He,Shenjing
18/21 Is there a need for reverse mortgages in Germany? Empirical evidence and policy implications Bartsch,Florian; Buhlmann,Florian; Kirschenmann,Karolin and Schmidt,Carolin
19/21 Strong tenant protections and subsidies support Germany’s majority-renter housing market. Brookings Institution brief. In "Comparing Rental Housing Markets Across the Globe Schmidt,Carolin


Ref Research Title Authors 
01/20 Real Estate Data to Analyse the Relationship between Property Prices, Sustainability Levels and Socio-economic Indicators. Data in Brief Fuerst,Franz and Haddad,Michel.F.C
02/20 Is there an Economic Case for Energy-efficient Dwellings in England's Private Rental Market? Fuerst,Franz and Haddad,Michel.F.C and Adan,Hassan
03/20 Raising the Bar (15) Elhorst,Paul; Abreu,Maria; Amaral,Pedro; Bhattacharjee,Arnab; Bond-Smith,Steven; Chasco,Coro; Corrado,Luisa; Ditzen,Jan; Felsentein,Daniel; Furest,Franz; McCann,Philip; Monastiriotis,Vassilis; Quatraro,Francesco; Temursho,Umed and Yu,Jihai
04/20 Determinants of Energy Consumption and Exposure to Energy Price Risk: A UK Study. Fuerst,Franz; Kavarnou,Dimitra; Singh,Ramandeep and Adan,Hassan 
05/20 Housing Wealth and Residential Energy Consumption in the UK Bao,Helen X.H and Li,Haotong 
06/20 The Return of State Control and Its Impact on Land Market Efficiency Li,Ling; Bao,Helen X.H and Robinson,Guy.M
07/20 The Impact of Urbanization on Farmland Productivity: Implications for China’s Requisition–Compensation Balance of Farmland Policy Deng,Zhongqi; Zhao,Qianyu and Bao,Helen X.H
08/20 Building the COVID-19 Collaborative Emergency Network: a case study of COVID-19 outbreak in Hubei Province, China Liu,Jie; Shi,Zhenwu and Bao,Helen X.H
09/20 Investor Overconfidence and Trading Activity in the Asia Pacific REIT Markets Bao,Helen X.H and Li,Haotong 
10/20 A Link Between East and West: How the Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong Express Rail Link Affects Property Prices in Hong Kong Bao,Helen X.H; Mok,Doris Ka Chuen
11/20 The Impact of Home Sharing on Residential Real Estate Markets Bao,Helen X.H and Shah,Saul
12/20 Pricing Efficiency and Bounded Rationality: Evidence Based on the Responses Surrounding GICS Real Estate Category Creation Bao,Helen X.H; Brady,Adam and Wang,Ziyou
13/20 Local Beta: Has Local Real Estate Market Risk Been Priced in REIT Returns? Zhu,Bing and Lizieri,Colin
14/20 A Comparison of Non-Gaussian VaR Estimation and Portfolio Construction Techniques Allen,David; Lizieri,Colin and Satchell,Stephen
15/20 Beauty in the Eye of the Home-Owner: Aesthetic Zoning and Residential Property Values Lindenthal,Thies
16/20 Risk classification of Asian real estate funds and their performance Mansley,Nick; Ching ManTse, Tiffany and Wang,Zilong 
17/20 Disentangling the Brexit vote: The role of economic, social and cultural contexts in explaining the UK’s EU referendum vote. Abreu,Maria and Oner,Ozge
18/20 Ethnic enclaves and segregation—self-employment and employment patterns among forced migrants Klaesson,Johan and Oner,Ozge
19/20 Retail and Place Attractiveness: The Effects of Big-Box Entry on Property Values Daunfeldt,Sven-Olov; Mihaescu,Oana; Oner,Ozge and Rudholm,Niklas
20/20 The return of state control and its impact on land market efficiency in urban China Li,Ling;Bao,Helen X.H and Robinson,Guy.M
21/20 Does Default Risk Matter For Investors in REITS Sha,Yezhou; Wang,Zilong; Bu,Ziwen and Mansley,Nick


Ref Research Title Authors 
01/19 Size effects and economies of scale in European real estate companies Ambrose,Brent.W; Fuerst,Franz; Mansley,Nick; and Wang, Zilong 
02/19 Is there a Scientific Consensus on the Economic Viability of Sustainable Buildings? (in German) Fuerst,Franz and Dalton,Ben
03/19 Housing affordability: Is new local supply the key? Fingleton,Bernard; Fuerst,Franz; and Szumilo,Nikodem
04/19 Tearing down the information barrier: the price impacts of energy efficiency ratings for buildings in the German rental market Cajias,Marcelo; Fuerst,Franz; and Bienert,Sven
05/19 City Profile: Chongqing (1997 – 2017) Bao,Helen X.H; Li, Ling; and Lizieri,Colin 
06/19 ‘Smarter Information, Smarter Consumers’? Insights into the Housing Market Gong, Cynthia.M; Lizieri,Colin; and Bao,Helen X.H
07/19 In Defense of Portfolio Optimisation What If We Can Forecast? Allen,David.J; Lizieri,Colin and Satchell,Stephen.E
08/19 An empirical approach to urban land monopoly: A case study of the city of Barranquilla, Colombia Garza,Nestor; and Lizieri,Colin
09/19 What Motivates a Developer to Sell before Completion? Li,Ling and Chau,K.W
10/19 How do developers price new housing in a highly oligopolistic city? Wong,Siu.K; Li,ling; and Monkkonen,Paavo


Ref Research Title Authors 
01/18 Does voluntary disclosure create a green lemon problem? Energy-efficiency ratings and house prices Fuerst,Franz and Warren-Myers,Georgia
02/18 How present bias forestalls energy efficiency upgrades: A study of household appliance purchases in India Fuerst,Franz and Singh,Ramandeep
03/18 Raising the bar (8) Elhorst,Paul; Abreu,Maria; Amaral,Pedro; Bhattacharjee,Arnab; Corrado,Luisa; Doran,Justin; Fingleton,Bernard; Fuerst,Franz; Garretsen,Harry; Igliori,Danilo; LeGallo,Julie; McCann,Philip; Monastiriotis,Vassilis; Quatraro,Francesco; and Yu,Jihai
04/18 Estimating the Real Implications of Sea Level Rise for Public and Private Property Ownership, Occupation and Management. Warren-Myers,Georgia; Aschwanden,Gideon; Fuerst,Franz; and Krause,Andy
05/18 Does your personality shape your reaction to your neighbours’ behaviour? A spatial study of the diffusion of solar panels Busic-Sontic,Ante; Fuerst,Franz
06/18 Cap rates and risk: a spatial analysis of commercial real estate Unbehaun,Florian; Fuerst,Franz
07/18 Green label signals in an emerging real estate market. A case study of Sao Paulo, Brazil Costa,Odilon; Furest,Franz; Robinson,Spenser.J; Mendes-Da-Silva,Wesley
08/18 Raising the bar (7) Elhorst,Paul; Abreu,Maria; Amaral,Pedro; Bhattacharjee,Arnab; Corrado,Luisa; Doran,Justin; Fingleton,Bernard; Fuerst,Franz; Garretsen,Harry; Igliori,Danilo; LeGallo,Julie; McCann,Philip; Monastiriotis,Vassilis; Quatraro,Francesco; and Yu,Jihai
09/18 Are corporate office buildings priced differently? Costa,Odilon; Furest,Franz; Mendes-Da-Silva,Wesley
10/18 Behavioral Analysis of Housing Satisfaction with Relocations: Field Evidence from China Yan,Jinhai and Bao,Helen X.H

A Behavioral Interpretation of the NAV Discount Puzzle in Listed Real Estate Companies (Version Aug 2017)


Read 2020 Update 

Monson,Sally; Bao,Helen X.H; and Lizieri,Colin
12/18 Increased Tail Dependence in Global Public Real Estate Markets Deng,Yang; Bao,Helen X.H; and Gong,Pu
13/18 Rural Land Rights Reform and Agro-Environmental Sustainability: Empirical Evidence from China Xu,Yuting; Huang,Xianjin; Bao,Helen X.H; Xiang,Ju; Zhong,Taiyang; Zhigang,Chen; Zhou,Yan
14/18 Mega-event effects on the housing market: Evidence from the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Wang,M; and Bao,Helen X.H;
15/18 Can Institutional Investors Bias Real Estate Portfolio Appraisals? Evidence from the Market Downturn Crosby,Neil; Devaney,Steven; Lizieri,Colin; and McAllister,Patrick
16/18 Well-being effects of self-employment: A spatial inquiry. Abreu,Maria; Oner,Ozge; Brouwer,Aleid; and Van Leeuwen,Eveline


Ref Research Title Authors 
01/17 The commercial performance of global airports Fuerst,Franz; and Gross,Sven 
02/17 The role of personality traits in green decision-making Busic-Sontic,Ante; Czap,Natalia.V; and Fuerst,Franz
03/17 Raising the bar (6) Elhorst,Paul; Abreu,Maria; Amaral,Pedro; Bhattacharjee,Arnab; Corrado,Luisa; Doran,Justin; Fingleton,Bernard; Fuerst,Franz; Garretsen,Harry; Igliori,Danilo; LeGallo,Julie; McCann,Philip; Monastiriotis,Vassilis; Quatraro,Francesco; and Yu,Jihai
04/17 Income risk in energy efficient office buildings Szumilo,Nikodem; and Furest,Franz
05/17 The Dynamics of House Prices in Israel and the Effect of the Investor’s Fear Gauge Weiner,Dotan; and Fuerst,Franz
06/17 A green winner's curse? Investor behavior in the market for eco-certified office buildings Furest,Franz; Gabrieli,Tommaso; and McAllister,Patrick
07/17 Raising the bar (5) Elhorst,Paul; Abreu,Maria; Amaral,Pedro; Bhattacharjee,Arnab; Corrado,Luisa; Fingleton,Bernard; Fuerst,Franz; Garretsen,Harry; Igliori,Danilo; LeGallo,Julie; McCann,Philip; Monastiriotis,Vassilis; and Yu,Jihai
08/17 Loss Aversion and Housing Studies Bao,Helen X.H; and Meng, Chunming.C
09/17 Reference-Dependent Analysis of Capital Structure and REIT Performance Bao,Helen X.H; and Gong,Cynthia
10/17  Are We Humans or Are We Econs? - The Effect of Sunk Cost Fallacy in Real Estate Development Decisions Bao,Helen X.H; and Meng, Chunming.C; and Wu,Jing
11/17 House Price Determinants: The Roles of Fundamentals and Sentiments Bao,Helen X.H; and Li,Haotong.S
12/17 Land assembly in Amsterdam, 1832–2015 Lindenthal,Thies; Eichholtz,Piet; and Geltner,David
13/17 Retail city: the relationship between place attractiveness and accessibility to shops Oner,Ozge;
14/17 Who works longer –and why? Regional and individual Characteristics in the timing of retirement. Klaesson,Johan; Lopez,Esteban; and Oner,Ozge
15/17 Location of leisure: the New Economic Geography of leisure services Oner,Ozge; and Klaesson,Johan
16/17 Innovation in the hospitality industry: Firm or location? Backman,Mikaela; Klaesson,Johan; and Oner,Ozge


Ref Research Title Authors 
01/16 Green Signalling Effects in the Market for Energy-Efficient Residential Buildings, Applied Energy Furest,Franz; Oikarienen,Elias; and Harjunen,Oskair
02/16 A Class of its Own? The Role of Sustainable Real Estate in a Conditional Value at Risk Multi-Asset Portfolio Geiger,Peter; Cajias,Marcelo; and Fuerst,Franz
03/16 Green luxury goods? The economics of eco-labels in the Japanese housing market Fuerst,Franz; and Shimizu,Chihiro
04/16 Energy performance ratings and house prices in Wales: An empirical study Fuerst,Franz; McAllister,Pat; Nanda,Anupam; and Wyatt,Pete
05/16 Land use policy and spatiotemporal changes in the water area of an arid region Xu,Fei; Bao,Helen X.H; Li,Huan; Kwan,Mei-Po; and Huang,Xianjin
06/16 Skyscrapers and the economy in Latin America Garza,Nestor; and Lizieri,Colin
07/16 A spatial-temporal assessment of the Land Value Development Tax Garza,Nestor; and Lizieri,Colin
08/16 Monocentric Cyberspace: The Primary Market for Internet Domain Names Lindenthal,Thies
09/16 Retail productivity: The effects of market size and regional hierarchy Oner,Ozge







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