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Cambridge Real Estate Research Centre

New Who Owns the City report shows foreign ownership of City of London offices passes 50%

The Who Owns the City? research report, completed by a Land Economy team (Professor Colin Lizieri, Jan Reinert and Professor Andrew Baum) and sponsored by Development Securities plc shows that 52% of office space in the City of London is now foreign-owned.

The report examines changes in office ownership from 1973 to 2011, revealing that ownership has progressively become more international and more financially focussed.. Despite the sharp fall in capital values in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, London remains the pre-eminent target market for global property investors. The City's scale, liquidity and transparency encourage "safe haven" investment. The changes in ownership patterns reflect the status of the City as the major European international financial centre, but bring risks to London. The concentration of ownership makes the City vulnerable to shocks in global capital markets and contagion effects from financial crises.

Click here to download the, 'Who Owns The City' research report