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Covid-19 and its impact on teaching delivery

"The course is designed to be highly interactive and this naturally works better in a face to face setting."

As a consequence we are amending the dates of residential sessions to improve the chances of in-,person delivery, with the first residential of the 2020 programme starting in late November.  We will work within the guidance of the authorities and University policy but to be clear whilst the University has a policy that large non-participatory lectures are delivered online in the next academic year this does not apply to interactive smaller group teaching of the type we do for the Real Estate Masters Programme.  We will ensure that sessions are accessible to any students that are not able to attend in person.   

Online delivery of teaching is a back up plan and our experience with this over the past few months suggests this can work well (albeit with challenges of time zones for an international cohort) and we will use this to reduce dependence on face-to-face delivery.  We will also use this to help students be better equipped for the first session.   We know it is the interaction that students value most from their time in Cambridge and we are fully committed to making the course as interactive as possible - ideally in person but also online.

Nick Mansley, Course Director 21.05.20


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