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Cambridge Real Estate Research Centre

Colin Lizieri to Chair World Economic Forum Industry Agenda Council

Colin Lizieri, Grosvenor Professor of Real Estate Finance and Director of the Real Estate Research Centre, has been invited to chair the World Economic Forum’s Industry Agenda Council on the Future of Real Estate and Urbanization.

The Council brings together senior real estate practitioners, academics, representatives of public sector bodies and specialist consultants from around the world, with the aim of identifying key issues and directions for the industry. The Council is currently looking to develop strategic guidelines for the property industry to contribute to sustainable and resilient cities working in partnership with city mayors and planners. Colin helped the IAC shape its agenda in the Global Agenda Council meeting in Dubai and will continue the work in Davos in January. He is also on the advisory committee of the World Economic Forum’s Industry Initiative on Asset Price Dynamics, which is examining the linkage between real estate cycles and financial crises, with the aim of identifying early warning indicators and shaping regulatory and industry responses to the emergence of real estate bubbles.