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Cambridge International Behavioural Sciences and Urban Studies Symposium 19th-22nd May 2019

The Cambridge International Behavioural Sciences and Urban Studies Symposium was recently hosted by CRERC and the University's Department of Land Economy at Newnham College

The Cambridge International Behavioural Sciences and Urban Studies Symposium provides a platform for discussions of cutting-edge research at the intersection of behavioural sciences and urban studies.  Seventeen papers were presented and discussed extensively during the recent three-day symposium at Newnham College.

A wide range of behavioural topics were covered including: loss aversion, endowment effect, framing, mental accounting, herding, and social preferences.  These behavioural tools are applied in land use policy, development and planning problems, urban regeneration, neighbourhood conservation and urban design, immigration and internal labour migration, liability and quality of life, greening, sustainable cities, among others.

Prof. Colin Lizieri, the Director of the CRERC, gave the opening speech.  The symposium also featured two keynote speeches by Prof. Guy Robinson (Emeritus Editor of Land Use Policy) and Prof. Pengjun Zhao (Edit-in-Chief of Cities).

In total 38 speakers, presenters and discussants attended from the UK, the USA, Australia, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The symposium is a true testimony that behavioural studies is an important research stream in urban studies, as researchers in top universities across the world are using behavioural tools to address key issues in urban studies. 

 BSUS May 2019 Gala Dinner 2

Papers presented in this symposium are eligible to be included in a special issue of Land Use Policy (theme: Behavioural Land Use Policy Studies) and a special issue of Cities (theme: Healthy Cities, Happy Cities). Prof. Colin Lizieri and Dr. Helen Bao will serve as the guest editors of these two special issues.

The symposium is part of a research project titled “Nudging Towards a Better Financial Future:  Applying Behavioural Insights in the Development of Financial Systems in Rural China”.  The project is a collaboration between the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

The overarching research question of this project is whether and how behavioural insights can be used to help rural residents in China make sound financial decisions, which will ultimately contribute to the sustainable economic development in China. This symposium is one of the dissemination avenues of the project.  The event is also generously supported by the Cambridge Land Economy Advisory Board and Newham College.

The Symposium Programme can be downloaded here



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