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Cambridge Real Estate Research Centre



Key publications: 

Journal Articles

  • “Real Changes in Farmers’ Welfare from Land Requisition in the Process of Rapid Urbanization” (with H. Li, X. Huang, M. Kwan, and S. Jefferson), Land Use Policy, 2015, 42: 635 – 641. 
  • “Land Reallocation Reform in Rural China: A Behavioral Economics Perspective” (with L. Feng and Y. Jiang), Land Use Policy, 2014, 41: 246 – 259. 
  • "Property Rights and Housing Value: the Impacts of Political Instability" (with Y. Tu), 2009, Real Estate Economics 37(2): 235-257.
  • "Improved Estimators of Hedonic Housing Price Models" (with Alan T. K. Wan), 2007, Journal of Real Estate Research, 29(3): 267–301.
  • "On the Use of Spline Smoothing in Estimating Hedonic Housing Price Models: Empirical Evidence Using Hong Kong Data" (with Alan T. K. Wan), 2004, Real Estate Economics. 32 (3): 487 - 507.

Book Chapters

  • “Regression analysis in Planning Research”, 2014, in The Routledge Handbook of Planning Research Methods (Eds. Elisabete Silva, Patsy Healey, Neil Harris and Pieter Van den Broeck), Taylor and Francis, ISBN: 978-0-415-72795-2.

Teaching Cases

  • “Land Market in Beijing: Goldmine or Landmine?” (with L. Feng), Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education, 2014, 17(1): 79 – 86. 
  • “Real Estate Investment in Guernsey’s Two-tiered Housing Market” (with L. Brogan), 2011, Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education, 2011, 14(2): 155 – 166.
  • “The Impact of the 2008 Olympic Games on Residential Property Prices in Wangjing, Beijing” (with M. Wang), Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education, 2010, 13(1): 71-86.
  • "The Land Market in Hong Kong: Price Index and the Relationship with the Property Market" (with S. Z. Zhou), 2008, Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education, 11(2): 187–204.
  • "Hedonic Valuation of Schooling in UK: The Case of Hertford Town" (with P. D. Sweeney), 2008, Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education, 11(1): 75– 94.

Publications in Chinese

  • “Analysis on Land Planning Policies and Housing Supply in the UK”, China Land Sciences, 2013, 27(9): 60-63.
  • “A Hedonic Analysis of the Effects of Transport Accessibility on Flat Prices in Hong Kong” (with J. Glascock, L. Fan and A. Liu, in Chinese), 2011, Statistics and Decisions, 327(3): 30 - 33.
  • "Inflation Hedging Characteristics of Real Estate Assets in Hong Kong" (with J. Glascock, L. Fan and L. Feng, in Chinese), 2010, Statistics and Decisions, 301(1):107-109.
Reader in Land Economy
Director of International Relations, Department of Land Economy
Fellow in Land Economy, Newnham College
Dr Helen  Bao
Not available for consultancy